A S M Property services for spraying, If your looking for a decorator to decorate your house, I now offer spraying as part of my decorating service. 

SO what can be sprayed ?

  • Cellars 
  • lounge areas
  • kitchen diner
  • bedrooms
  • landing and hallways
  • doors windows
  • Rendering 
  • Garages 
  • skirtings 
  • architraves
  • doors 

Spraying is nothing new and has been around for several years in fact I remember using sprayers for restaurants in the early 80's My dad was involved with the refurbishment of restaurants through my teenage years and i can remember being taught the basics of spraying back then we used portaflek systems of painting as well as other interesting effects.

The paints used for spraying will vary depending on what you require spraying also there are processes that each area will need to go through before spray can be applied.

spraying is a smarter way of decorating and is more efficient than traditional roller and brushes.

specialist paints can be purchased for areas such as cellars and areas that prone to being damp and moist because they are sprayed to the surface the adhere better than rollers or brushes.

Spraying will also build up layers gradually to the surface and leave a far better finish that traditional decorating methods.

for more information contact me Andy