Door Lock Replacement

I can replace and change all types of locks such as:

  • uPVC door locks – on front and back doors
  • Garage door locks
  • Euro lock cylinders – anti snap – on front and back doors
  • Mortice Locks – deadlock / sashlock
  • Yale Locks (Night Latches) – on front and back doors
  • Rim cylinders for Night Latches easily replaced
  • Patio door locks
  • British Standard Locks

Door Lock Types to Replace and Change

The most common lock types usually found on residential/commercial properties are the below three types of door locks:

1.  Night Latch (often referred to as a Yale type lock)

There are many different types of night latches with sizes, which are mostly used on front and back doors.

Night latches a I can change:

I can replace all types of night types, including the rim cylinder and even upgrade your existing rim lock, such as below:

  • Standard Traditional Night Latch
  • Deadlocking night latch
  • Auto dead locking night latch
  • Double locking night latches

2.  Mortice Locks

This type of lock is normally fitted inside the door, they are difficult to pick open as the lock mechanism is fitted in the door frame.

There are only two sizes available.

A ERA Mortice Lock

What a mortice looks like | Image provided by ERA

  • Security usually ranges between 2 lever and 5 lever British Standard – the more levers usually means the more secure the lock is.
  • Insurance companies prefer this standard as it means the lock has been tested against popular types of attack for a certain period of time.
  • Should ensure your property or business is secure if attacked.
  • Standards: to meet BS3621 – Read our BS3621 Lock guide here
  • Door Types: Mortice locks are commonly found on wooden doors & sometimes aluminium

Leading manufacturers of Mortice locks:

  • Union (formally Chubb)
  • Yale
  • Era
  • Asec
  • Securefast

Types of mortice lock are:

The main types of mortice locks you will find on your home’s locks are as follows:

Mortice Sash Lock

A mortice sash lock is normally fitted to a wooden door on a domestic home, sash locks are opened by using a key and the handle.

Has a handle – a mortice style lock with a handle is called a sash lock.

A lever operated mortice sashlock on wooden door

A sashlock has a handle | Image provided by ERA

The handles operate the latch on the lock which keeps the door shut when pushed or pulled closed.

  • Standards: to meet BS3621 ( a BS 3621 lever lock has to have a minimum of 5 levers )
  • Levers: available in 2 lever, 3 lever to 5 lever Mortice Sash lock ( 7 lever is available )
  • Door Types: commonly found on wooden doors

Note: As a rule of thumb the more levers a mortice sash lock has the more secure the lock is

Mortice Deadlock

A Mortice Deadlock is commonly fitted to a wooden home front door, and can only be opened with a key, it locks on the inside and outside.

Does NOT have a handle – a deadlock does not have a handle and is always operated by a key, opened from one of both sides by key.

If your looking for a locks to be changed and require locks that are secure and fitted professionally then I may be able to help.

A Locksmith may charge up to £100 just to attend your property and then charge for replacing the lock and time and when you factor in the VAT. you begin to wish you were robbed by the thief itself.

ASM Property services offers a lock changing services 

I can change most types of locks for

  • wooden doors
  • windows
  • Upvc windows
  • Upvc doors
  • Garage doors

Locks can be supplied and fitted or i can fit the locks you provide , please provide as much information as possible when contacting .

Upvc or Euro style locks will need to be measured to provide the correct size of lock required for your door.

Security of the doors and windows can also be improved, many doors and windows are fitted with poor quality locks and fittings this means a slight push or kick will force the door or window open.

some very simple devices are available to help secure your doors and windows and can often deter thieves from gaining entry.

if your require more information then please email me here